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About Us

About Bahay Makabayan

Bahay Makabayan is a real estate venture which primarily aims to provide Filipinos with decent and high-quality houses that they can afford. Having adapted the idea of building modular homes in Philippines, Bahay Makabayan offers housing opportunities to everyone with the houses built using methods which have proven to be efficient, cost-effective, and superior.

Modular homes or Prefab homes are resident houses which are built in a controlled environment in modular approach which are then transported to the housing site and assembled and installed to permanent foundations. This method saves a lot of time in building quality houses thus allowing you to be able to live in your house in the earliest possible time.

The low cost method of building the houses does not in any way compromise its quality. On the contrary, it introduces a more modern and innovative approach to home building still abiding the rules of local building codes.  Furthermore, it guarantees the affordability of the residences while ensuring a livable, durable, and flexible home – which is the center of Bahay Makabayan’s goals.

In our pursuit to provide Filipinos a home without breaking the bank, we have built a niche of opportunities through a homey structure which translates to the actual value of their money. Bahay Makabayan is the Filipino’s excellent choice for a perfect modular house!

Bahay Makabayan Advantages


The Makabayan basic house structure is designed to adapt to the Filipino’s simple way of life. We freed it of the complexities in design to minimize cost and maximize space.


Makabayan Houses are built to be healthy & livable homes for a growing Filipino family. Its neat and progressive assembly allows for future developments relying on the family’s finances.


Using alternative prefabricated materials, the Makabayan houses are astonishingly fast to build for structures of its like. Once machines and tools are operational, houses can be built at a pace of one unit a day.


Advanced construction technology allowed us to minimize cost in a big scale which in turn allowed a more economical price all for the convenience of the Filipino home owner.


Majority of the materials used in the construction of a Makabayan house are manufactured, fabricated, assembled and furnished on site. Truckloads of accessory materials are delivered to ensure fast and unlimited building.

Earthquake Resistant

Makabayan houses use the traditional anchoring system with a unique type of elevation to absorb impacts caused by ground movements. The firm elevation protects the house from immediate cracking and destruction even with its light metal framing.

Flood Resistant

The stretched-out concrete columns rise up to eight feet above the ground to protect the house from the destructive forces of flood.

Longer Lasting

Unlike the traditional Filipino houses, Makabayan Houses are structurally fire-resistant, moisture-resistant, weather-resilient and termite-proof. Use of wood has been minimized to prevent quick shrinking, warping or cracking.

Typhoon Resistant

Following modern house design functionality, Makabayan houses are freed from external ceilings which are the causes why heavy winds can push roofs upward during storms.


What’s remarkable about the Makabayan house is its progressive design. Considering the Filipino people’s diligence and perseverance, expansion is certain; to this, Makabayan basic houses are built prepared to be developed in time.


Bahay Makabayan Modular Homes offers a wide range of features and Add-Ons you can choose from. You can contact our office directly for consultation if you want to have a custom made quotation.

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    Makabayan houses are built to be healthy and livable homes for growing Filipino family.

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    What's remarkable with Makabayan houses is its progressive design.

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    The Makabayan basic house structure is designed to adapt to the Filipino's simple way of life.