Dagohoy House Model

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Materials specification:

Model: Dagohoy

Floor area: 25 sq.m


Columns- 0.15×0.15×2.44x2mm GI plain sheet

GIRT- 1.6mm GI plain sheet

Floor Joist– 1.6mm GI plain sheet


  • side guide for trusses
  • 0.4mm pre-painted RIB type roof roofing w/ insulation and flushing glutters


  • 2 ½” THOR EPS sandwich panel
  • Elevated Flooring: 16mm Fiber cement board
  • 40×40 ceramic tiles

Ceiling– light steel framing in 4.5 fiber cement board

Stairs– steel framing


  • Metal flush doors- Main door
  • Moulded doors- secondary
  • PVC door- CR&BATH

Windows– 1.0×1.2 steel casement in clear glass

CR & BATH– Lafonza toilet packaged

  • Telephone shower(set)
  • 0.2×0.3 ceramic tiles for wall(H: 1.5m)
  • 0.2×0.2 ceramic tiles for flooring

Kitchen Counter– plyboard framing in 60×1.2 ceramic slab with under cabinet

Plumbing–  based on standard in PE septic Vault

Electrical–  based on standard in pinlight case lightning