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A Filipino dream. It has always been a dream for us Filipinos to live in a house which is decent, simple, safe and affordable. A house to keep us safe from the diversities we might encounter. With this, the concept of revolutionary innovation in Filipino mass housing has been developed.

Driven by the mission, “Wala nang barong-barong na bahay para sa Pilipino,” HECTHOR Building and Housing Solutions helps Filipino people achieve the dream of having decent and quality homes for their families. Bahay Makabayan aims to serve Filipino families in their effort to secure a better and easy living place.

Looking for an ECONOMICAL Housing?

Bahay Makabayan pride itself having high quality materials and top rated Modular Homes Philippines builders. Modular homes are created without compromising the quality of structure we desire. Customers are well satisfied of the products and services received. Through the innovative modular housing construction, houses are built swiftly with durability.

“Safety is my priority.”
Feel safe at home when natural adversities occur. Bahay Makabayan provides us the protection we need utmost in times of typhoons, earthquakes, and floods. The houses are designed according to the natural conditions of our country; in which being sheltered during these difficult times is a priority.

Needs a SPEEDY Construction?

We, Filipinos, desire on constructing a house immediately livable. With Bahay Makabayan, pre-fabricated materials are used to build our home according to our time-frame. With the availability of all things to consider, homes can be built as fast as ONE DAY! Amazing, isn’t it? There will be no need to wait for too long to live in a home we can call our own.

No Design in Mind?

Bahay Makabayan got us covered! Ask and be answered. Bahay Makabayan sales personnel are are immediately available to assist us with our inquiries regarding our dream house. Prefab house Models and designs are available for our selection.


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Container Home and Office

Quality Container home and office in Philippines
Philippine container home or office.
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Are we ready for prefab houses in Philippines?

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